5 Book Series to Feed Your Vampire Addiction

If you’re thirsty for erotic, action-packed vampire fiction, one book simply isn’t enough. The first novels in these top-rated vampire series take paranormal romance to the next level. Enter courageous heroines, strong supporting casts, and captivating magical beings who battle fearsome creatures of the night. They also face challenges that make them all too human—heartbreak, love triangles, and loss. 

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) — Jeanine Frost 

Fans of Buffy will spot the parallels between the series’ protagonist, Catherine “Cat” Crawfield, and Sunnydale’s beloved slayer. If you shipped Buffy and Spike (we’re not judging!), you’ll love the dynamic between Cat and Bones, the sarcastic, take-no-prisoners vampire bounty hunter who agrees to help Cat exact revenge on her father. He only asks that Cat work alongside him to punch, bludgeon, and decapitate a legion of vampires.

Make no mistake: Cat holds her own against Bones, even as a romance develops between the two. Fast paced, sexy, and full of action, Frost’s vampire fiction doesn’t disappoint!

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Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires #1) — Chloe Neill

If you thought grad school was a wild ride, just look at Merit. Neill’s protagonist nearly gets killed by a vampire and in the process, stumbles into the secret world of Ethan Sullivan, master to one of America’s most prominent covens, Cadogan House. She juggles finishing her thesis, fending off the dead, and resisting Ethan’s charms—possibly the toughest challenge of all.

Fans of Charlene Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series will love exploring this thrilling, dark sided version of Chicago, where humans are aware that vampires exist. Neill’s Chicago is home to other fantastical creatures, from shifters to fairies. Playful tension between Merit and Ethan, her sire, doesn’t eclipse the urban fantasy.

This is a long first in series, clock in over 300 pages! It’s well worth the $7.99 e-book.
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Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Dice — Christopher Pike

Vampires don’t sparkle in Thirst, a trilogy with awesome fight scenes and an eerie reinvention of Hindu mythology. Pike’s heroine, Alisa Perne, is the definition of badass. At one thousand years old, Alisa is beautiful and hardwired to kill. But when the vampire that created Alisa suddenly returns, will she have the strength to face her painful past?

Pike writes Alisa exactly as you might expect: cold yet insightful, merciless yet deeply affected by suffering. A small ensemble of vibrant characters and plenty of bloodshed makes for must-read vampire fiction.

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Angel of Death (The Chosen Chronicles #1) — Karen Dales

If you watched Netflix’s Castlevania, or if you’re drawn to the magic of unlikely friendships, Dales’ Angel of Death is for you. The Angel is out for blood after his mentor and father figure, a vampire who turned him 1400 years ago, is kidnapped. He must team up with nobleman named Fernando de Sagre and a mysterious mortal woman named Jeanie Stuart to stop the Mistress of London from exterminating the city’s vampires.

Dales balances out fantastic elements with human drama and powerful character development. The relationship between Jeanine and The Angel is erotic, tender, and tense, and The Angel’s struggle to come into his own without the guidance of his mentor calls on coming of age fiction.

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Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1) — Lauren K. Hamilton

Both capable of reanimating the dead and sending them back to their graves, Anita Blake defends the streets of St. Louis from the shadows. Things take a dark turn when Anita becomes inexplicably drawn to Jean-Claude, the vampire master she has sworn to kill.

Hamilton is a master of the slow burn, filling you with anticipation chapter after chapter. Romance fans will enjoy the lusty undertones in Hamilton’s writing; in this world, sex is less about sweetness and more about carnal desire. If you need a strong, smart, sleek heroine, look no further than Anita Blake.

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