Best Summer Young Adult Books of 2018!

Best Summer Young Adult Reads of 2018!

1. Voyage of the Defiance, S.E. Smith
Intense drama, heart-pounding excitement, first love, tragedy, grief, and hope mix together in this exciting, action and adventure drama that will keep you turning the pages of this contemporary coming-of-age story. Join the adventures as Makayla and an unexpected stowaway learn that life is about the journey.

2. The Girl and the Grove, by Eric Smith
Teenager Leila’s life is full of challenges. From bouncing around the foster care system to living with seasonal affective disorder, she’s never had an easy road. Leila keeps herself busy with her passion for environmental advocacy, monitoring the Urban Ecovists message board and joining a local environmental club with her best friend Sarika. And now that Leila has finally been adopted, she dares to hope her life will improve. But the voices in Leila’s head are growing louder by the day. Ignoring them isn’t working anymore. Something calls out to her from the grove at Fairmount Park.

3. Chronicles of Kerrigan by WJ May
An interesting reversal of the tried old child of destiny trope. This series is a bit like if we had gotten the Harry Potter story from the PoV of Drako instead of the “good guys”. Our main heroine, having been shipped to a new “special” school discovers around her 16th birthday that she has hidden magical powers about to surface, and that magic actually exist in the first place (great family upbringing right there 10/10 on the parenting rating scale). There is only one little problem, she is basically the heir to the local equivalent of Lord Voldemort – her dead dad, she has barely known. So on top of dealing with the “magic actually exist” worldview earthquake she needs to deal with most adults and some students treating her like a time bomb just waiting to become the new dark lady who will totally conquer the world.” – Amazon Reviewer

4. Beneath the Haunting Sea, by Joanna Meyer
Sixteen-year-old Talia was born to a life of certainty and luxury, destined to become Empress of half the world. But when an ambitious rival seizes power, she and her mother are banished to a nowhere province on the far edge of the Northern Sea. It is here, in the drafty halls of the Ruen-Dahr, that Talia discovers family secrets, a melancholy boy with a troubling vision of her future, and a relic that holds the power of an ancient Star…


5. Stone, by Nicole B. Hicks
Why would a princess eat a stone? Midmun was once the magical capital of the world, so why doesn’t magic work? Princess Niren’s marriage was arranged at the time of her birth, so why have seven… eight… NINE princes come courting? Niren must wed to become queen, so why is she seeking magical protection against falling in love? Each of the princes has certain gifts, and everyone involved will be tested.