Black Blood, by John Hennessy

Admittedly, I finished this book two days ago and was nowhere near home to get this review up – but I need you to know this book has been on my mind all week! I was in a serious book slump for a little bit and just couldn’t seem to get into anything. Well, hello Black Bloods, you’ve changed all of that!

John Hennessy contacted me asking if I’d like to review this book. Knowing the funk I was in, I almost said no. So I did what any one really does these days and went to Amazon. It checked all the boxes- cool cover, exciting blurb, and some good reviews. I’m so glad I said yes! Everything I’ve read lately has been a predictable, fast-plotted fantasy novel where I can basically guess what the characters are going to do and say. Not this one! Were there a few things that were predictable? Yes, of course. But there were also some really great plot twists. This author also incorporated some great world-building in which fantasy crosses path with Sci-Fi and Dystopia a little bit to create a book unlike I’ve ever read. I really like the adventure he took me on in this novel, and cannot wait to read the next one!


Check out Black Blood on Amazon, and if you get this book, be sure to leave a review as well!