Girl of Flesh and Metal

Girl of Flesh and Metal – Book Review
By Derek Borne

Girl of Flesh and Metal by Alicia Ellis

5 Stars!

First things first, the cover sold me on this book, so props to the cover artist!
Ok, so this book… man, this book!

Meshing human psyche and AI together is brilliantly done by Alicia. Struggles of accepting technology, especially when it’s brought to the level it is in this novel, was on par with most sci-fi, if not more so. The mystery and action was phenomenally written, and the character development was spot on.
Lena Hayes is your typical teen in a high-tech world. Her parents own a company who creates AI and a lot of the tech in the world.

But with AI and tech, how far is too far? That’s the question that gets answered in this book. You might even find yourself agreeing or disagreeing on particular ethical points that were tastefully made.

I look forward to more in this series, and from Ellis in general.
She just became a one-click author for me!

About the Author

Alicia decided to write books about ten minutes before graduating law school. She’s now an Atlanta attorney, but she moonlights as an author, electronics junkie, and secret superhero. With degrees in computer science and a healthy diet of pizza and fiction, Alicia loves all things high-tech and unreal. She writes fantasy and science fiction for young adults.

You’ll love this fast-paced young adult sci-fi because the twists and turns will keep you flipping the pages.
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