Guest Review of Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton

Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton

A review by Derek Borne

5/5 – An Archived Manuscript that Transports You into the Past

Other than history books in school, I don’t usually get drawn into historical novels. But when I discovered “Dragon Teeth”, a book that had been published well after Michael Crichton’s death in 2008, (whose work I have always been loyal to), and it focused on DINOSAURS? I had to get it.

For those who know Crichton’s work, he’s mainly known for science thrillers that can make you think, “well, this might actually be scientifically plausible.” When it comes to Dragon Teeth, which focuses on a young man finding himself in a war between paleontologists in the 1870’s, my first reaction was… huh. Would there be action? Would there be scares akin to Velociraptors searching for children in a kitchen?

Though it was an unexpected read for me genre-wise, Crichton didn’t disappoint.

Intertwining real people and situations with fictitious, it’s a read that I looked forward to every night before bed. Being a dinosaur fan, every time there was mention of a discovered dino, I went and googled it to learn even more about it.

In Dragon Teeth, there’s characters to love, to hate, perilous journeys that will make you catch your breath, and moments where you’re truly transported into the feel of the old West.

If you’re a fan of Crichton, you’ll keep being one after this read. If you’re new to his work, you’ll need more of his writing style and story-telling.

Derek B.

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