Magical Midlife Dating, by K.F. Breene (a review)

Magical Midlife Dating, by K.F. Breene (a review)

Remember how I was so unsure if this genre was for me?
Well, it’s growing on me, and I really can’t get enough of this sequel to magical midlife madness!

Laugh out loud moments? Yes!
Some almost steamy scenes? Yes, and also: most are hilarious.
Characters that are on their own level of weird? Yes, yes yes!
And I’m here for ALL of it!

Jessie is a wonderful heroine who knows exactly what she is looking for, though she’s still working to stop pleasing others, and focus on herself. A message I think a lot of us could use! Her gaggle of friends is just so quirky and funny, I’m always amazed at how well written K.F. Breene’s characters are.

These books have been so light and funny, it’s just the break I needed from all of my recent ‘heavy’ dark fantasy reads.

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