Magical Midlife Madness, By K.F. Breene (A Review)

When I first opened this book and read the bit about divorce, I put it down for a minute. Then told myself “It’s KF Breene, this will be fun!”.
I’m SO glad I did. It’s hilarious, and it’s not focused on those ugly realities of divorce. It touches on it, as the basis of where this character is in life, and moves on. There’s no drama, there’s no anger, just a happy willingness to move on, and THAT is what I needed to read.

For me, fantasy is an escape from the crappy realities of life. I WANT books that don’t make me feel like I’ve “missed out on magic” because I’m no longer a teen or in my early 20’s when all the cool magical things seems to happen.

I’m excited about this entire genre because it’s different. Magic and imagination doesn’t need to be gone just because people grow up. And that’s exciting! I want that! I’m from the Harry Potter generation – you know, the one that actually associates their personality traits with their house (I’m a Ravenclaw 😂). I want magic to keep going in books. I want to keep finding it in the pages, and KF Breene has done this beautifully.

There’s an entire cast of characters that I hope to be like when I grow up (magic included!). My favorite may be the rock throwing old woman to turns into the most spectacular being I could ever imagine (it’ll be a spoiler, I think, if I say what).

This book was a barrel of laughs, has some really wonderfully quirky characters, a doll scene that should’ve been scary but was laugh out loud funny, and named weapons. What more can a girl ask for?
I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

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