Missing Pieces by Tiffany Flowers

So the story starts with Gabby having a smidge of an issue with her boyfriend. Namely, he tries to kill her in a drunken rage.  Not so good for Gabby.  Thankfully, she does not just sit there and take it, she fights back enough to get out of her apartment.  A bit more manhandling by her boyfriend and she is rescued by the police.  No harm done with the exception of panic attacks and a feeling of being broken.

Gabby doesn’t curl in a shell to rot. She tries to have a normal life.  She even goes out to a club only to be confronted by 2 guys leaving. Sadly she doesn’t know they are actually looking out for her per Neeko’s instructions.  Neeko is leader of a group of immortals and has discovered Gabby is his soul mate….a very rare thing for them.  He takes her to his home as a way to protect her, but she is under the impression she has been kidnapped and being held prisoner.

There is no mistaking the connection between them, and there is some seriously hot sex in this book.  Gabby is confused over her attraction to Neeko and he doesn’t help much.  I think the only part of this book I wasn’t too fond of was that she really doesn’t fight all that hard to find out why she was taken and what is happening to her.  After a bad panic attack, Neeko convinces Gabby to go on a series of “dates” so they can get to know one another better.

Neeko has his share of “demons” in his closet.  His family was killed by demons and he has made it his life’s goal to irradicate every one that he can.  This comes into play quite importantly towards the end of the story, which I will not talk about only because I don’t want to give anything away.

There are bad guys who want to have Gabby for themselves, bad guys who want to hurt Neeko , and just bad guys.  There are also good guys who don’t have their own agenda…they are just good guys!  Did I mention some smoking hot sex?  There is that also!  The ending does end in a cliffhanger.  Sometimes I like this and other times not so much. I guess I don’t mind so much if the author was any good and I would want to read their stuff again!

All in all I would definitely recommend this book and I will also be making sure to get Tiffany’s next book in the series when it releases.  There are some grammatical foibles but I have to say, for a first-time author they weren’t overly bad.  Some additional proof-reading should fix it.

Find it on Amazon Here –> https://amzn.to/2Hk0z25


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