Review of Dawn of Wonder, by Jonathan Renshaw

I never though I’d see the day when a 30 hour audio book just wan’t enough. But, alas, here it is. Dawn of Wonder (the Wakening, Book 1), by Jonathan Renshaw was expertly narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds.

I’m not sure how to best sum up such a long tale of adventure, and mystery, so I’ll start by describing Aedan. This book follows the life one of the most brilliant lead characters – you’ll leave off each chapter wishing you could befriend him and join him on this adventure! Aedan has one of the sharpest minds of his time, making it a game to find clues where others wouldn’t bother to look. He’s not perfect, and perhaps it’s his flaws that make him all the more likeable. Book 1 of this series shows just how much a character can grow in the span of a few years, and just how exciting life can be with a bit of mystery and a curious mind. Jonathan Renshaw doesn’t hesitate to take risks, and leaves listeners (or readers) on the edge of their seat! Don’t let the length of this deter you, it’s worth every single second.

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