Review of Natural Witch, by K.F. Breene

I’m just starting to catch up on this series… Yes, I know I’m behind! But, I’m OBSESSED with the Magical Mayhem series already! This seems to happen with every other book by K.F. Breene, I’m just rolling with it at this point.

Natural Witch is book one in this hilarious adventure, and I often found myself reading late into the night because I had to see what would happen next to Penny! Penny, the main character, finds herself awkwardly trying to discover the magic she thinks she has. The more she tries things on her own, the worse it seems to get for her. Her luck changes pretty quickly, and she is stuck trying to catch up on all the training she missed out on thanks to dear old Mom. Luckily, she meets my new book boyfriend, Emery, who takes all of her weird quirks and awkwardness in stride. The pair together are bad-ass, and also a barrel of laughs. I cannot wait to get started on the next book!

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