Review of Origin Story

Origin Story: TMI INC Episode 1 by Rowena Rede

That’s How You Start a Series! – 5 STARS

Wow… honestly, I was excited to see how the story of Park Thatcher continued after the events Rowena and I wrote about in “The Michigan Dogman Files”. I LOVE all of the other characters of Ison and Morales, and could totally see this as a movie or even a high-budget show on SyFy.

You can really tell Park and Will have an amazing partnership from the time they spent together in Shadownet. They’re gritty, know when to call each other out, and they get the job done.

Maya has an interesting struggle within this book, and I’m surprised that Rowena started her character out with her abilities the way they are. (It’s really hard to write a review without spoilers, btw.) 

When you put these three characters together and shake them up, throw in some hilarious side characters…. Rowena, you have an amazing series in your hands, and I look forward to everything else you have in store!