Review of Recurve by Shannon Mayer

You how sometimes you finish a book, and weeks later it’s still with you? That’s Recurve for me right now. At random moments during the day, I just find myself thinking about Larkspur, and what’s going on in her Elemental world.

Admittedly, I was a little confused with the jumping around in the beginning, but slowly the pieces started to fit together. Recurve is part magic, part adventure, and part action carefully spun together to create this book. This was an exciting read, with creative character trait’s I haven’t experienced before. It’s like Shannon lit a fire made of danger, and left it on a slow burn until the pinnacle of the story. This is my first Shannon Mayer book and I’m dying to know what happens next!


First time reading Shannon’s books? (it’s ok, me too!) There are two ways to read her books, I’m following the second because I prefer chronological order:

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