Review of Sin & Chocolate by K.F. Breene

*Throws confetti*
Ok, with that out of the way, here’s what you need to know:

I’m in love!

I’m tired from not getting any sleep (couldn’t put the book down); I have a killer book hangover (thanks a lot K.F.!); and I have a new book boyfriend. Scratch that, I have a new series obsession.

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning, remember how crazy I was about Chosen? Well, MOVE OVER SHANTI. I’m DYING inside knowing the next book in this series won’t be out for a few more months. MONTHS. It’s ok though… I can handle it. I hope.

Anyway, about this wonderfully addicting book. It start’s off like any normal book might, in a world with a weird mix of magical creatures. Only, K.F. escalated the plot almost immediately with Alexis nearly getting run over by what turns out to be a very stalker-ish Demigod. Don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything here. And Oh! the chemistry between these two had me on the edge of my proverbial seat the ENTIRE book!

Let me fast forward a bit though, in my real life timeline. I got ready for bed – couldn’t put the book down while doing so- climbed into bed (yep, still reading), managed to wake my husband up about 3 times by laughing so hard, and finally fell asleep at 2 am, wishing I had read slower, or re-read chapters just to make it last a little longer.

If you haven’t read anything by K.F. Breene, here’s a little something you need to know. Her books will suck you in, make you feel every emotion, and spit you out the other side. You’ll be left not knowing if the emotions you’re feeling are really supposed to be there. All day the plots and characters will stay with you. You may even feel like you belong in her world more than your own for a day or two. That’s ok, it happens to the best of us, really.

I’ve gone way off track here, so let me just circle back and say, whatever your hesitation is for not reading this book yet, get past it and give it a shot. You’ll enter a world you’ll never want to leave, and feel like the characters are a part of your family now.

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