Warrior Fae: Trapped by K.F. Breene

Review of Warrior Fae: Trapped by K.F. Breene

Review of Warrior Fae: Trapped, by K.F. Breene

I always look forward to release day. The day when a new K.F. Breene title makes it to my kindle.

Warrior Fae: Trapped was everything I was hoping for – a slow plot build, characters with snark and sass, and a kick-butt battle scene. I’m not one to usually enjoy books from different characters in the same world, but in this case, I can’t get enough! This world is my new home, and meeting our newest heroine, Charity, was like meeting a new friend.

A friend who needs to come back soon and hang out with me, because she’s cool… and I’m in love with her wolf boyfriend…

Well, this review went a little off track. Just read it, you won’t regret it! Be sure to grab a snack. Once you get sucked into this book, it’ll be a while before you’ll be able to find the will to crawl your way out and get back to normal life.

One last thing – I’m a total sucker when it comes to books about people coming into their magic. I love to ‘watch’ the characters really learn and grow, because I get to learn and grow with them. Warrior Fae: Trapped was a perfect example of this. Charity is also a really fun character to read. She isn’t perfect, but she makes the best of the situations she’s thrown into. It makes her feel all that more real, something K.F. Breene has really nailed down through her witty writing.

Have the time to get sucked in to a good read? Well, go ahead and find it on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/31ePysT

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This review was originally published on Amazon and Goodreads the day after release… I’m just slacking on updating the site. More reviews to follow as we work to get it all updated!