Review of The Final Empire

The Final Empire, by Brandon Sanderson

Review of The Final Empire, by Brandon Sanderson

This was a classic case of “Don’t judge a book it’s cover”. It was a rainy afternoon, and I was talking to a friend about how I needed to use some audible credits. She recommended The Final Empire.

I did the thing we’re told not to do. I saw the cover artwork and my initial thought was, I’m not going to like this…

I got it anyway, because nothing is more convincing than a friend’s recommendation.

And you know what? I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!

I couldn’t stop listening! I started projects around my house just to have an excuse to keep going. I texted that friend at all hours of the day, because I needed to talk about this book. It took over my life, and then it ended, and I was left with this huge void.

I fell in love with the cast of characters, who were so well developed that I felt like I knew them. Vin, who showed courage and strength from the very beginning, was a delight to follow through this book. Her emotions felt so real, and were so relatable. I was celebrating the victories with her when she had them, and had nervous butterflies as she learns to trust her crew, and as she was pushed to try some amazing new feats.

Sanderson leaned on two other primary characters, Kelsier and Sazed, to show the readers the world beyond what we could experience with Vin. Each with their own complex personalities. Each with knowledge of what it means to be Mistborn, and who each showed the value of loyalty.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson was absolutely fantastic. Oh, and that cover I wasn’t really into? Turns out, it makes sense once the book is finished.

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