Why You Shouldn’t Read the Gender Game Series by Bella Forrest (review)

I’m going to save you a lot of time if you ever thought of getting into this series: Don’t. I’m actually being serious, you won’t see me change my mind halfway down this post. I rarely write negative reviews, but I won’t let you waste your time just to be let down. I like you guys too much!

It wasn’t all bad – I LOVED the Gender Game (book 1), Liked the Gender Secret (book 2), and will not even bother finishing the series because of The Gender Lie (book 3). It was so slow, I honestly just left the audiobook on the background because I wanted noise. By the end I didn’t even care what happened. Bella Forrest uses the same sort of plot as the first two books – main character has a plan, plans goes smoothly, wrench thrown in at the end. Except book 3 was so incredibly slow and boring, it could’ve been condensed into maybe 3-4 chapters, since it mostly took place in the underground facility the whole time. We wouldn’t have missed much, and might even be excited to go on in the story line if this wasn’t so drawn out. I very rarely want to stop reading a series, but that’s what happened here. I don’t even want to continue. I’m bummed because I really like the way this series started, and I really wanted to love the characters! But the plot barely progressed, and the character development fell flat. It almost feels like the author rushed through this book because she felt she had to, and her heart wasn’t in it. It was boring, the plot twists were forced, and there was nothing about this book that gives me enough confidence to spend my time on another book.
I won’t bore you with the normal links and stuff down here. Go try something else. 🙂